R 70.00

Multifunctional Ceramic Tweezers establishes itself as one of the most affordable, multifunctional tools today, integrating a sturdy and precise ceramic tweezers set alongside a knurled base grip that allows users to easily clamp and remove hard to grip bases, as well as a Sub-Ohm Tank coil grip that makes coil removal and replacement simple and safe. The ceramic tweezers function features a wide base, precision tip design that allows for fine adjustment while having the rigidity and strength for larger wire gauges. Setting and adjusting coils can be done while live firing due to the non-conductive and high heat resistance of the ceramic material. The base features a knurled patterning that makes finicky RDA, Sub-Ohm Tank, and RTA removal easier than ever before, featuring support for 22mm to 25mm diameters (fitment may vary depending on surface material of base) and can also be utilized to grip onto other aspects such as airflow control and top fill segments. A smaller, non-knurled section allows users grab onto coil structures (will not fit 12mm diameter and larger coils). 

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