Group Buys

Listed on this page are group buy products which are subject to a minimum participation requirement. 

Note the following:

1. Please read the particulars of the group buy product as explained on the product description, note the product price, expiry date and participation fee details.
2. If you wish to participate in the group buy, order the product now and pay the participation fee
3. You may elect to withdraw from the group buy and have the fee refunded to you up until the time the minimum participation requirement is met.
4. Once the minimum participation requirement is met, the goods will be ordered from the supplier and all participants will be notified that the buy is in progress.
5. Goods are shipped via speed air courier from the supplier and, upon arrival at VapeClub, will be inspected to confirm it is in good working order. At this time the remaining balance of the product price becomes payable. (Product price less participation fee.) We only use respected international air couriers for importing to South Africa which normally takes 5-6 days.
6. Once the balance of your order has been received the product may then be collected or shipped to you,as selected on checkout.
7. However .. should you elect not to take the product after commencement of shipment from the supplier, your participation fee will be forfeit and your product sold as a normal stock item.

If the group buy does not reach the minimum participation requirement by the expiry date, as stated on the product, the group buy will be cancelled and the participation fee refunded to all paticipants.

If we encounter problems fulfilling the order, your participation fee will be refunded to all participants. This is a rare occurrence and might happen if goods are lost in transit, damaged etc..


Group Buys reliably gets you top quality products, at the best price with the minimum wait! 


Join VapeClub Group Buys today and encourage fellow vapers to participate! 


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