R 220.00

Sigeile's Sledgehammer is as the name suggest a hard hitting menthol pina colada blend.  With a distinct pineapple, white rum and coconut cream undertone, an icy avalanche of menthol delivers a masterpiece in both aroma and flavour on the inhale, whilst the sweet pineapple and menthol remain infused as if in a vibrant and playful tango, delivering a pleasant crisp, icy exhale which lingers and lingers long after you put your device down.  This blend is as adventurous as sipping pina coladas in the Italian Alps.

Sigeile's Sledgehammer is a 30ml crafted premium e-liquid, comprising a 70% VG and 30% PG ratio, incorporating 6mg/ml nicotine.

This blend is suited to premium devices.

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